What should I do if the USB flash drive is inserted into the computer and it displays “Please insert the disk into the USB flash drive”?

U disk is a commonly used tool in our work and study. Usually we need to make a good habit of regular backup, because once the U disk fails, it will have a great impact on our work and study.

U disk can be said to be a symbol of a person’s “data status”, representing a person’s data traces in a stage. Sometimes these data are not very useful, but sometimes they are very useful once needed.

U Disk

Today I would like to share with you some solutions after the USB flash drive has a little failure, for example, after inserting the USB port of the computer, it displays “please insert the disk into the USB flash drive”.

It feels as if the USB flash drive is not recognized. After entering my computer/computer icon, only the USB flash drive logo can be seen, but there is no storage progress bar.

insert the disk into

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