How to set a dedicated IP address for siteground

Everyone knows that the benefits of a server’s independent IP are mainly manifested in several aspects:

1. Avoid risks. Common shared IP is the public use of an IP address by many websites. If the content of one website is illegal, then other websites will be implicated. The dedicated IP address will not be affected in any way;   

2. SEO increases the weight of the website. If an IP corresponds to only one website, the search engine will assess the quality of the website to improve the inclusion level, and search engines will more easily crawl the pages of the website, which is conducive to website promotion and online marketing;  

3. SSL can be activated. SSL is a confidential data transmission protocol, which is the kind used by Alipay, which can effectively prevent data from being stolen in the middle and improve the quality of website security. An independent IP is a prerequisite for SSL activation;   

4. Support pan-domain name resolution. Pan-analysis can support unlimited subdomains, and wildcards can be used to set all second-level domain names to access the same IP address, which effectively prevents users from being unable to access the website due to incorrect input;   

5. You can directly use the IP to visit the website. Users can directly access the website through the independent IP, avoiding the general shared IP and direct access to the IP will get an error, which can increase the corporate image.

Now I will introduce how to open a dedicated IP address for the siteground server

1: Register and log in to the siteground, select Website.

Dedicated IP

2: Find Dedicated IP, add

3: Click Next, the dedicated IP for siteground will cost $54.00 a year.

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