An English website that can sell T-shirts online to help you open a cross-border e-commerce store

T-shirts are one of the most economical means of contacting potential customers. This is because consumers who wear your personal brand information have become mobile live advertisements. And we can also make money by selling T-shirt designs online.

Although the T-shirt is one of the most effective marketing methods, the graphic design on the T-shirt is very important for a new startup company. To some extent, the marketing effect of design patterns on T-shirts is even better than videos and photos.

Designers use T-shirts to show people unique information through the patterns they have designed, and people will easily remember the designer’s products or services. Therefore, for a freelance designer, perhaps such T-shirts can become an important source of income. However, when selling these T-shirts, a big problem that designers have to face is that there is no suitable sales platform. Moreover, for many designers who do not have website building technology, creating their own cross-border e-commerce e-commerce website is not the most feasible way. Therefore, some websites that can sell T-shirts online may be the best

An English website that can sell T-shirts online to help you open a cross-border e-commerce store

Let’s take a look at an English website that can design and sell T-shirts directly online.

1. TeePublic

Users can design T-shirt patterns on TeePublic. Then you can immediately sell your own T-shirts through TeePublic. At the beginning, the price of T-shirts was relatively low. This website will also prompt users to frantically promote their own designed T-shirts. After that, the site will increase the price of T-shirts.

In addition, the products printed on this website are very good whether it is the color of the design pattern or the fabric, feel, and size of the T-shirt. Many freelancers on Youtube who are engaged in print-on-demand assessments also highly recommend this site. The payment method on this website introduced PayPal and Pianying. Users in mainland China can also use this website to earn some passive income.



Tostadora is mainly aimed at the European market, users can use this platform to sell products to Spain, France, Italy or the United Kingdom. Moreover, users can also engage in legal business in the UK.

Users can use Tostador to open cross-border e-commerce stores for free, set their own prices, and place their own designs on different products. Most sellers choose to design T-shirts, handbags, mobile phone cases and hoodies. As we mentioned before, there is no commission on this platform.

But the low price of the product has been set. Tostadora charges only the price for order fulfillment. If you want to increase profits on the basis of low prices, you can clearly see the profit margins of commodities.

Here is a simple example. For example, if you design a T-shirt with a low price of $19.99, and the buyer’s price is set at $23.99, then your profit is $4. This company pays quarterly. They will sort all the commissions you earn and transfer them through PayPal or your own local bank account, except for amounts less than $10.


Threadless also allows designers to submit their own design patterns, and then score many design patterns. If your design has a high score, this website will start production and sales. And the winning designs can also receive cash rewards and sales royalties. Designers can open cross-border e-commerce stores through this website, and they can also learn about other users’ comments on their designs.


Bonfire is one of the easiest and most convenient platforms for designing and selling T-shirt designs. Both individuals and corporate organizations can design and sell clothing on this platform. The entire setup process and payment are relatively easy, so Bonfire has become a favorite of many designers. Users can collect payments through PayPal. The best part is that users can get all profits without paying any commissions.


Designers can open cross-border e-commerce shops on this website to sell their own designed T-shirts, and this website is completely free. There are 2 ways to make money on this website. One is to become the designer of the entire platform, and then design different prices according to the different products designed, and the user can also become a store owner and earn commissions through each transaction.


SellMyTees provides users with shop opening services, and users can sell their own T-shirt designs on this website. And this site also launched a free package for sellers. Sellers only need to submit 20 designs to create their own shop. However, if the store needs to add more advanced features, or to add more design patterns to the store, the seller should choose a paid package. Moreover, this website will pay the seller through PayPal.


CafePress is another popular website selling a variety of creatively designed products. Users can create their own T-shirts through this website, and then put the designed T-shirts online through the store.

Users can sell these clothing through marketing promotion, but also can earn royalties from each transaction.

Users who use CafePress have a high degree of freedom, and sellers who want to open a store on this platform can implement fully customized settings. This website also provides a large number of professional design templates for sellers to choose from. Registration on this website is free. Users can create designs and sell them according to their needs. The products are not limited to T-shirts, and other products are also available for sale.

Users can add pictures, tags, and product descriptions through this website. The whole process is very simple, and there are other very powerful tools on this website. If the user knows a little about SEO, it will be no problem to succeed on this platform. However, this website has a disadvantage, that is, the quality of the goods may be relatively average.


Spreadshirt is a comprehensive website where sellers can upload their own designs to T-shirts and promote and sell the designed T-shirts or accessories. Generally speaking, users can open cross-border e-commerce stores on this website, or share products on top cross-border e-commerce platforms such as online multi-seller malls.

And selling goods is not the only way to make money with Spreadshirt. Users can also act as designers and customize settings for many products sold on this platform. And the user can decide the selling price of the product.

Here is an example of how to make money with Spreadshirt. For example, a person wants to sell a T-shirt with a simple design and earn 14.2 US dollars. But if this person can design merchandise ($4.5 per item), he can earn $18.7. The commission charged by the website is generally US$4, so the price of the product designed by this person starts at US$22.7.


Printful is another relatively simple print shop website, sellers can also open a shop on this website to sell T-shirts involving illustrations. And if you subscribe to the services of this website, there is no monthly subscription fee involved. Moreover, users can also integrate their stores with e-commerce sites such as WooCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, Storenvy, etc.

If users want to expand the number of T-shirt buyers, this website can help achieve this goal.


Teespring allows designers to set their own product prices and sales targets with well-designed illustrations. If you can get enough reservations on their website, this website can even print out the T-shirt you designed and send it to buyers. The design tools on this website are very convenient to use, registration is free, and users can learn how to promote their own designed products through this website.

The attraction of this website is that designers can make money from T-shirts designed by themselves, and the payment method can be through PayPal. However, although Teespring does most of the work, the marketing and promotion of products still depends on the users themselves.


Zazzle is a platform that can create various works of art. Users can design T-shirt patterns through the T-shirt making tools on this website. Then open a store to sell these T-shirts, and you can also get royalties from each transaction.

Zazzle has introduced 3 ways for users to make money. First, users can design products, and then Zazzle completes the work of product printing and product transportation. Secondly, users can use Zazzle as a sales platform to upload their products to this website, and then other marketing and promotion are done by the sellers themselves. Finally, there is the third method: users can earn commissions by promoting the products on this website through affiliate marketing projects.

Moreover, even if you don’t have any artistic design skills, you can still use Zazzle as a side business. The quality of the goods on this website is good, and the number of designs is very large. But there is a disadvantage, that is, sellers cannot create their own domain names and websites.

12.Blue Cotton

Blue Cotton

Blue Cotton is also an ideal platform for creating personalized T-shirts. Users can launch promotional activities to promote their own designed T-shirts. All users have to do is use some illustrations, vector graphics, pictures, patterns, etc. to design their own T-shirts, and then they can promote the T-shirts on social media.


Users can upload their own designed T-shirt designs to this website, and then open a cross-border e-commerce store on the website and sell their own designed T-shirts. On this website, users have complete control over design patterns and sales. In addition, users can also set a reserve price for T-shirts. Customer service is also provided on the website. Moreover, there is no monthly payment on this website.

14.Design by Humans

Design By Humans is a creative community of art practitioners, fashion aspirants and creative authors. This website belongs to a multi-seller mall-type cross-border e-commerce platform. Many well-designed patterns are organized on this platform, and there is also a trendy community that discusses fashion on this website.

Users can create an account on this website and upload their own designs for free. The website is responsible for other tasks from product production to sales. Users can earn royalties every time they sell a product designed by the user.

If you are interested in games and technology, or in film and television works such as Disney and Harry Potter, Design by Humans is more suitable for you. The clothing sold on this platform covers almost all age groups and genders, as well as various technical accessories.


SunFrog can also sell illustrations and patterns for T-shirt designs. The biggest feature of this website is that it will not limit your sales, nor will it set any minimum sales volume and amount. Moreover, this website will not force sellers to start promotional activities.

All the sellers have to do is upload the patterns they designed on this website to start making money. The above are some English websites that can sell T-shirts online. It is more suitable for professional graphic designers to sell design patterns to make money. At the same time, these platforms also help you open cross-border e-commerce stores. Users can compare different websites in terms of features, prices, and commissions, and some websites can print T-shirts.


If you are an art designer outside the United States, maybe Society6 can help you sell your own products to all corners of the world. The sales positioning of this website is that the website itself is engaged in printing, transportation and even marketing. And art designers often visit this website because it caters to their needs, because the products on this website include photo frames, posters, home decoration and other products.

If others use your design, you can still earn $15. The date the user receives the payment is the 15th of each month, but the user’s account needs to have a $10 deposit in order to receive the payment.


Because Teefury is a platform created by art practitioners for art practitioners, the T-shirts on this website basically focus on restricted T-shirts. This website has been in the industry for more than ten years. Previously, there were various limited edition designs on this website. The display time of design patterns on this website is limited, and generally ends after 24 hours, after which the design patterns will appear in the design pattern library for browsing. But if there are a lot of people who browse the design pattern and vote enough praise, the design pattern will still be displayed on the homepage.

Teefury also has a wide variety of products. In addition to T-shirts, there are also leggings, pop art prints and other products. In addition, this platform also favors design patterns for popular culture and icons.

18.Textual Tees

If you are very interested in pop culture, you may try to sell your own designs to the website Textual Tees. Their product catalog is as follows: science fiction, sports, TV/movie, science, zombies, geeks, etc.

The refund policy and replacement policy on this website are beneficial to both buyers and sellers. However, this platform does not have a PayPal collection service, and the transportation of goods is not free.

19.Tshirt Mill

Designers can also sell designed products and open cross-border e-commerce stores through Tshirt Mill. The shops on this website are equipped with shopping carts, have friendly design templates, traffic analysis functions, and integrate with some social media networks and top multi-seller mall-like cross-border e-commerce platforms. Generally speaking, there are many types of goods sold on this website. Users can collect payments through PayPal on this platform.


The mission of Instaprints is to allow users to monetize through pictures uploaded to Instagram. All users have to do is upload the designed patterns, pictures and other materials to their account, and then connect these design materials to the platform.

Such pictures can be printed on many products, such as T-shirts, pillows, mobile phone cases, etc. Users can set prices, and Instaprints only charges material fees for the production of goods. Users on this platform can collect payments through PayPal, and the platform will release payments on the 15th of each month. All merchandise transportation is done by Instaprint.


Gear Bubble hopes that designers will sell their original design patterns. If you also want to engage in cross-border e-commerce but do not have the relevant skills, you can consider hiring a professional to complete this work.

However, Gear Bubble will charge a fixed fee for each product, but this fee is included in the price of the product.

In addition, users do not need to pay other fees. If users want to make more money, they can consider designing patterns for sports shirts, mobile phone cases, mugs and hoodies.

Every transaction on the platform will be paid to the designer, and the basic cycle is 14 days.



Sellmytees’ “Design Studio” (a design tool) is very powerful, and it can replace traditional free design software without any cost.

It is free for users to create an account on Sellmytees. In terms of merchandise sales, users choose the bronze package (free), the silver package ($19 per month) and the gold package ($79 per month), depending on the number of products you want to sell. The specific profit depends on the selling price of the product you design

23. PrintShop by Designhill

PrintShop is also a relatively powerful website through which freelance designers can sell their own T-shirts, and the customers on this website are relatively stable. PrintShop is operated by the Designhill team. PrintShop is a leading graphic design multi-seller mall platform. Designers can design T-shirts for men, women, babies and children, as well as sell accessories, posters, and home furnishings. product.


There are many similar English websites on the Internet that can sell T-shirts online. Users can place their own designs on T-shirts and sell them for money. Most of these platforms allow users to open stores. The user can also set the sales price of the product. These sites will charge a certain commission after each transaction is completed, and each site has some special features that make users’ sales easier.

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