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To sell on-demand printing products in Bonfire, you must first create a series of Campaigns. Campaign here refers to a product composed of placing the same design scheme on a single product under a certain category (such as T-shirts under Shirts), or using the same design scheme for multiple products under a certain category (Such as T-shirts and vests under Shirts). It can be said that Campaign is a collection of products.

To increase the sales of products printed on demand on Bonfire, the most important thing is to promote various Campaigns. Sellers should develop a promotion plan to maintain their community during the on-demand printing product promotion period.

Rank social network channels by importance

Sellers should evaluate the audience on each platform before promoting Bonfire’s Campaign. In which social network channel does the seller have the most and most active audience? How often do you post information and articles on that social network platform? Sellers should avoid those underdeveloped social networking platforms.

Reasonable arrangements for promotional activities

After understanding the most active social networking platform with the largest number of fans, sellers need to confirm the number of times they have posted content on each platform. Distribute Campaign on Bonfire in different articles, and emphasize the start time and end time of Campaign. The seller does not need to post every day. The following is a promotion plan with 5 posts as a unit. This plan is more suitable for 10-14 days of Campaign promotion:

  • Campaign launch day: Introduce Campaign and explain the products on Bonfire. You can use the best pictures to tell buyers that the product you design is a “must have.”
  • Day 3: When promoting products on Bonfire, highlight the product features, colors or advantages of wearing products in different seasons.
  • Product launch day 6: Update Campaign status. If you want to achieve your own sales goals, you should update the status. You can share the clothing products involved in your own community and see how others react.
  • The last 2 days: time is running out. The seller needs to tell others how close you are to achieving your sales goals, and remind your audience to tell them that time is passing by, and you must hurry up and place orders.
  • Final promotion: Sellers should make full use of the last day of Campaign. Generally speaking, this is also the day with the strongest promotion. If you do not plan to re-release the product, this is the last chance to sell your own designed product.

The visual effect should be attractive

The way the seller displays the product to the audience determines whether the potential buyer is willing to spend real money to buy the product. Sellers can order products in advance and free up time to take photos for promotion. Sellers can also purchase 1 product through Bonfire’s own supply system, and then create excellent promotional images.

Take pictures in different styles so that people don’t have visual fatigue.

The structure of the article should be reasonable

Campaign introduction content needs to be particularly eye-catching, which is especially important on the first day of Campaign launch. If you plan to use the proceeds for a business, you can include this information in the introduction.

Sellers can use boldface to highlight the validity period of Campaign, such as “limited”, “don’t miss”, “limited time available for purchase” and other words. No matter which platform you promote Bonfire’s Campaign, you must include product images in your posts, and of course, include clickable links in your posts.

The content needs to be different

Sellers need to carefully consider the content of each social channel and each post. If other people can continue to see content that appeals to them, their interest will be stimulated. Each post uses different content to maintain the support of the audience.

Encourage sharing

If you have a related community, you can share and forward information on related topics in the community, and other users in the community can also feel your active role in the community.

Ask the user to take a photo

Sellers can share their own designed products to the community. If an audience likes your designed products, you can ask them to put on your designed products to take pictures. This action can also stimulate other users in the community who have not purchased your product to purchase it.

Pick a unique tag (content followed by #)

Although the use of tags when posting posts is a bit old-fashioned, if used properly, tags can still be a very powerful tool. Sellers should choose tags that are unique, easy to remember, and highly related to the Campaign they are promoting, so that by clicking on a tag alone, you can see all the campaign posts under that tag category. Sellers should use some hashtags in the photo title so that others can click on the link to find the campaign related to the post.

Promote Bonfire’s Campaign on social media

Below are some things sellers need to consider when posting to promote their products on the 3 major social media platforms. Each platform has its own characteristics. Therefore, there are different things to consider when promoting Campaign on different platforms.

Youtube promotion tips

  • Put on the product you designed in the video. Sellers should buy 1 or 2 products of their own design, which can be used when making videos.
  • When talking about Bonfore’s Campaign, use custom call buttons. In the video, you can mention how much time is left to purchase the product.
  • Don’t create promotional videos specifically for newly designed products-these types of videos tend not to receive many views. Sellers should pay more attention to the production of regular videos, they can wear their own designed products when making videos, and briefly mention the Campaign in the video.
  • Add a Campaign link in the video description section. This is to let users who like the product know where to buy it.

Instagram promotion tips

  • Make the link clickable. Instagram does not allow users to add clickable links to the title, so you must ensure that your fans see your Campaign. Sellers should put the Campaign link on Instagram’s personal homepage so that other users can easily click and buy the seller’s design product. To add the Campaign link to your personal homepage, click your avatar at the bottom right of the Instagram app, then click “Edit Homepage” on the pop-up page, and then enter your Campaign link into the website column. At the same time, in the place of personalized signature, you can tell interested buyers that they can click on the link to buy the product you designed.
  • Shorten the link. Use a short link tool like Linktree to replace Bonfire’s Campaign long link. When a user wants to buy a product designed by a seller, the seller wants to let the buyer jump directly from the Campaign page to the checkout page, and Linktree will add obstacles to potential buyers.
  • Change the visual image. If Instagram is your main channel for promoting content, you should use very beautiful visual effects to promote products on Bonfire. When ensuring that product pictures can clearly convey the information of the product, we must also pay attention to the design of the picture style.
  • Use Instagram shop. Because of Instagram’s new algorithm, not everyone can see the seller’s Campaign. The Instagram shop is the best way to break this deadlock.

Facebook promotion tips

  • Use enhanced posts. Ordinary posts can only be seen by friends in their circle of friends on Facebook. In order to let more Facebook users see their posts, users can use paid promotion to promote their posts, so that more users can see the Bonfire product page you forwarded.
  • Place the post containing the product you designed at the top of the Facebook page. This allows more fans to see your posts and also allows many people who visit your Facebook page for the first time to see your information.
  • Share your designed products on the Facebook wall. Whether the information you share is effective depends on the type of activity you choose. If your relatives and friends happen to be in your target community, you may be able to sell your own designed products.


Thousands of individuals and groups publish campaigns designed on Bonfire every day. Their promotion strategies are also very unique and match their goals and careers. Sellers should find the best promotion method for them and believe in their sixth sense. The above has helped you organize the relevant brief content. If you have any questions, you can also contact Bonfire’s customer service team at any time.

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