How to sell print-on-demand products on Amazon through Merch by Amazon

How to sell print-on-demand products on Amazon through Merch by Amazon? This article will share relevant content with sellers engaged in cross-border e-commerce, and the following content also includes the use of on-demand printing third-party services like Printful to sell POD products on Amazon. This article will analyze these two contents so that everyone can make wise choices. When it comes to selling print-on-demand products on Amazon, generally sellers have two choices. First, sellers can use Amazon’s Merch by Amazon section. This section is Amazon’s own service, and sellers can use it to sell clothing with their own brand on Amazon. Second, sellers can use third-party on-demand printing companies like Printful to sell related products on Amazon in a non-sourced delivery model. Both of the above methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and this article will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of this aspect. But no matter which way you choose, Merch by Amazon and Printful can allow sellers to engage in sideline businesses with very little funds.

What is on-demand printing?

On-demand printing is a cross-border e-commerce model of no-source delivery. Sellers can design their own personalized patterns, and then print the patterns on T-shirts, mugs, pillows, vests, water cups and other products. Once the seller receives the order, its on-demand printing supplier starts to produce the product, then prints the pattern designed by the seller and prints it on the product, and then sends the product directly to the seller’s customer on Amazon. The whole process is as follows: Buyers on Amazon browse your T-shirt and place an order; The seller’s order will be delivered to the on-demand printing company through electronic transmission; On-demand printing company fulfills orders; The seller earns the difference between the selling price and the cost price, that is, profit; In terms of print-on-demand companies, sellers can use Amazon’s own print-on-demand service, Merch by Amazon, or third-party print-on-demand companies like Printful. Tip: There are many on-demand printing companies on the market to choose from, such as Printful, Printfify, Custom Cat, Gear Bubble, etc. But if you give it to me, I might choose Printful, because Printful is the most popular of these companies. Moreover, Printful has also launched other services for the Amazon platform, which we will mention below.

What is Merch by Amazon?

Merch by Amazon was born in 2015. It is very similar to on-demand printing service providers Printful, Printfiy and some other POD companies. However, the only difference of Merby by Amazon is that it only allows sellers to sell on Amazon. Sellers cannot use Merch by Amazon to sell such products on their own independent cross-border e-commerce sites. Moreover, Merch by Amazon has strict restrictions on the product categories it sells, and it can only invite sellers to open stores. However, once the seller passes the review, he can upload patterns designed for T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and other products. In terms of design, you can refer to the following “How to design a T-shirt? Placeit Tutorial” this article. After the product is designed, the seller does not need to worry about product storage, order fulfillment, goods delivery, and customer service, because the seller does not need to order products in bulk, then design patterns and produce T-shirts, and then ship the products to Amazon’s logistics Center, and then look forward to selling the goods before the storage fee rises. And there is no upfront cost, and sellers charge by piece. Amazon is the world’s largest multi-seller mall-type cross-border e-commerce platform, which occupies more than 50% of the market share in the United States. Once your design is uploaded to Merch by Amazon, the product can be searched directly on Amazon. After the order is generated, the product will be printed, and the seller can earn a royalty from each order. Joining Merch by Mazon and selling things on it is 100% free. Merch by Amaon is mainly suitable for the following 3 types of people: Those who have already started selling products on the Amazon platform and want to use their own branded products to increase sales; People who are hesitant to find sources of goods and then make money on Amazon, and do not want to be too involved in inventory management; I am a designer myself, and I want to use my unique design skills to expand the crowd of existing clothing product lines; If you belong to the above three categories of people, then Merch by Amazon is obviously very suitable for you. At least you should also learn about how to sell print-on-demand products on Amazon through Merch by Amazon.

How to sell print-on-demand products on Amazon through Merch by Amazon

Amazon’s print-on-demand project is not a new thing, this project was released in 2015. At first, he just designed a platform for those video game developers. Later, the audience of the platform began to expand, and any content creator who joined Amazon could participate in this project. When Amazon first introduced this seller program, it received overwhelming applications from sellers. Amazon sellers and many online retailers flocked to this platform and signed up for Merch by Amazon. Later, Amazon closed the registration system, and sellers can register on Amazon only after receiving an invitation. In this way, Amazon filters out a large number of low-level designers, which also effectively ensures that the products sold on Amazon are beneficial to everyone, and it also maintains the competitiveness of existing designers. Therefore, sellers can only register on Merch by Amazon if they are invited. This means that sellers need to apply first, and then they can start selling after the application is approved. Now, from application to approval, this time may take as little as 3 weeks, or as much as 1 year. Some people have applied for more than 1 year and still haven’t received any response. Because this item is very popular, Amazon intends to limit the number of sellers. If you also want to use Merch by Amazon, it’s best to get started early. Let’s review the entire process of selling goods on Merch by Amazon:

  • Request to join Merch by Amazon;
  • Research on T-shirt design issues;
  • Select the subdivision area;
  • Research products;
  • Find a designer or design by yourself;
  • Research keywords and optimize Amazon product listings;
  • Upload the product to the dashboard of Merch by Amazon;
  • Set the price yourself and click the “Publish” button to publish the products you designed on Amazon;
  • Amazon produces products and mails personalized products;
  • Pay attention to the sales of products within 30 days and collect payment.

Here the seller will be guided to log in to the Amazon account. If there is no account, the seller can create an account. After logging in, you will enter the application form link.

The seller must fill in some information here, such as:

  • Enterprise contact information;
  • Bank account and bank code;
  • Social Security Code (SSN) or some other ID number related to taxation;

If you do not have a business entity, you can use your own name directly; but if you have your own business entity, the probability of passing the review will be greatly improved. In addition, you also need to fill out a tax survey form. When filling in the content, you must ensure that all the information is accurate, otherwise you may be rejected. Finally, Amazon may also ask about your industry, organization, and any “other information” that can support your application, and of course, it may also include your website. Of course, the more business information you provide, the faster your application will be processed. In general, Amazon only cooperates with sellers who attach great importance to the Amazon platform, and Amazon will eventually make these sellers profitable. Therefore, if you have relevant experience in successfully operating an online business, you must let Amazon know this. Once your application is approved, you can only sell 10 different styles of designs at the beginning. And at the beginning, Amazon will test you to see if your products can really be sold. However, once you have completed 10 orders, you will enter a leveling system where you can upload more designs.

  • 10 design patterns at the first level;
  • 25 design patterns at the second level;
  • 100 design patterns at the third level;
  • 500 design patterns at the fourth level;
  • 1000 design patterns at the fifth level;
  • 2000 design patterns at the sixth level;
  • 4000 design patterns at the seventh level;
  • 8000 design patterns at the eighth level;

This hierarchical system will force sellers to prove themselves before they can upload more products. Moreover, Amazon will also automatically delete products that have no orders after 365 days of release. In general, the more designs a seller provides, the more likely it is to sell more products and make more money.

Rules of Merch by Amazon

Sellers must comply with Amazon’s terms and conditions when uploading designs. First of all, the designed artwork needs to comply with the following conditions: 15’’W×18H’’ pattern with transparent background (W stands for width, H stands for height); 300dpi PNG file (for example, 4500×4500 pixels); The pattern exported as sRGB; The file size needs to be less than 25MB; Moreover, Amazon has been particularly aggressive in cracking down on patterns that infringe intellectual property rights. And before you successfully complain that you have not infringed, this policy presupposes that you have infringed. Before selling products with designs or slogans, be sure to check the trademark database to ensure that your design belongs to you only, is original, and the design pattern can be used for commercial operations. There are no exceptions to this point! If you use other people’s designs on your own POD products, you will be immediately banned by Amazon and even sued. Sellers can refer to Amazon’s best-selling list rankings to find very popular design patterns. However, these design patterns are only for reference to inspire sellers, and sellers must never copy other people’s designs. Finally, in Amazon’s view, your design patterns should not contain any particularly offensive designs. Such content includes:

  • Obscene pictures; Exploitation of children;
  • Irreverent language;
  • Inciting hatred or racist speech;
  • Content that incites violence;
  • As mentioned earlier, Amazon attaches great importance to copyright and intellectual property issues. If sellers violate their policies, sellers are likely to lose their entire on-demand printing business overnight.

Optimize products on Merch by Amazon

For many sellers who sell products on Amazon through Merch by Amazon, it may be expensive to use Amazon advertising to promote their products. However, this method of optimizing Amazon’s products is definitely not a big problem.

It has almost no monetary cost, and it can also help sellers’ products to be better found by others. You must know that Amazon’s search engine is currently one of the largest search engines on the Internet.

Before starting to write product titles and product descriptions, the first thing sellers should do is to conduct keyword research. To find professional keyword search tools related to Merch by Amaon, such as Mercinformer. To optimize the product list, sellers need to insert information about relevant keywords:

Title-Quote the text that appears in the design, the name of the niche market (e.g. Taekwondo T-shirt), the target audience (male), and related keywords (e.g. funny). You can also add a fake holiday or an event name (such as Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day). The main features of the product-who is the product aimed at? What hobbies do these people have? How to benefit from it? On what occasions can I wear it? You can use points to list these answers. However, here is just a T-shirt as an example. There are many ways to tell the buyer about the product story and tell them the benefits that the product can bring to them, thus prompting them to place an order for shopping. Product description-The product description box is optional in Merch by Amazon. This part is likely to be one of the factors of ranking, but because the product is just a T-shirt, there may not be many parts that need to be described. If necessary, the seller can use bullets (such as ·) to simply write a piece of content. After determining the keywords and embedding the keywords into the product description page, then we need to upload the product design to Amazon and track the sales of the product through the dashboard section.

Merch by Amazon failed the review, is there any other way?

Currently, Merch by Amazon can only allow sellers to sell on-demand printable products on Amazon. It is very difficult to enter their project, which means that we have to think of other ways to sell on-demand printable products on Amazon. In this way, companies like Printful, Printify, CustomCat, etc. can play a role. Printful is an on-demand printing company with all its product production and production and order fulfillment centers located in the United States, Mexico and Europe. It can be said that Printful is focusing on on-demand printing products, and they have also launched more product categories than Merch by Amazon. Sellers can integrate Printfu and Amazon directly with a few clicks of the mouse. Printful can help sellers fulfill orders on Amazon.

The following is its mode of operation:

  • Click here to register for a Printful account for free;
  • Use Printful’s modeling tools to design your own products;
  • Link Amazon with Printful account and send the design pattern to Amazon;
  • If an order is issued, Printful will automatically receive the order and start fulfilling the order;
  • Earn the difference;

At this time, sellers may want to think about this question-if I can use Printful to open a store, then why use Merch by Amazon?

Although the whole process is similar to using Merch by Amazon, the Amazon account setup and fee structure are completely different from Printful here.

How to use a third-party print-on-demand company to sell print-on-demand products on Amazon?

When we are using Merch by Amazon, uploading our own designs and selling related products is 100% free. But if we are using a third-party on-demand printing company like Printful, we must create an Amazon professional seller account. This fee is $39.99 per month. But once we have paid the monthly fee, we can create as many listings as we want, and it does not have various manual restrictions on our account like Merch by Amazon. And there are instructions on how to use third-party print-on-demand services to sell print-on-demand products on Amazon. Open an Amazon professional seller account Amazon has launched two different accounts for sellers. Personal accounts are free, and professional seller accounts need to pay $39.99 per month. In order to successfully sell products that can be printed on demand on Amazon, sellers should choose a package that pays $39.99. With such an account, you can use Amazon advertising, brand registration, and a whole set of other sales functions. Create a Printful account Printful is one of the best on-demand printing companies, but sellers must understand their audience and the products they want to sell before choosing these companies. One of the reasons why many people like to use Printful is that sellers can use it to quickly sell products in their stores, Amazon, eBay, and other cross-border e-commerce platforms. In other words, Printful opens up multiple channels for sellers who want to sell goods online.

Click here to sign up for a Printful account for free

Upload design pattern

Next, the seller needs to design a pattern. Sellers can use their own design patterns like Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp or Canva. Then, upload the pattern to Printful and adjust the layout of the pattern. The product modeling tool that comes with Printful is very powerful and simple to use. Users can see the effect before the product is printed.

In general, the design styles of Amazon T-shirts can be roughly divided into 3 categories:

Evergreen category-If you want to make money through Amazon for a long time, sellers need to design some long-term popular design styles. The evergreen T-shirt is a design that can generate a lot of sales for each design style, and the sales situation is relatively stable every month. Holidays-Online retail is seasonal and fluctuates frequently. On holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Halloween, sales will experience relatively large growth and fluctuations. During the holiday season, many people shop online. Trendy products – Trendy products are not the same as holiday products. They are a type of crazy growth in the short term. Although the trendy products lack seasonality, the trend will always generate huge sales in a short period of time. Therefore, it is very necessary for sellers to pay attention to the trends of the niche market. In addition, Amazon has also produced some product models, you can click here to download these templates for free. Regarding the design part, I don’t need to expand it here. You can refer to the previous article “On-demand product design tutorial: Placeit”.

Put the product on Amazon

Connect Amazon seller account with Printful. Before the two accounts are fully connected, the seller must apply for a GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) exemption, so that you do not need to purchase a barcode.

After the global trade identification code is passed, Printful will automatically synchronize the product and add it to the seller’s Amazon store.

Merch by Amazon VS Printful

Although both Merch by Amazon and Printful allow sellers to sell print-on-demand products on Amazon, these two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Merch by Amazon does not allow sellers to advertise on Amazon before upgrading to level 3 (100 design patterns), but if the seller uses an Amazon professional seller account and Printful, they can advertise.

The following is a comparison of their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Merch by Amazon

  • Can obviously provide product awareness-the chance of users finding your product through search on Amazon will be greatly improved, which is better than Printful. Amazon certainly wants to support their own sellers, not sellers registered through third-party software.
  • Cost-Merch by Amazon is free, which means that sellers can create their own unique products without spending money in advance.
  • Ease of use-There are fewer steps to use Merch by Amazon. After the account is approved, the seller can start designing products immediately.

Disadvantages of Merch by Amazon

  • Price setting flexibility is not high-With Merch by Amazon, sellers can only set pricing within the range specified by Amazon, and the degree of control is not high.
  • Lower profits-because sellers want to sell products on Amazon, Amazon will collect a portion of the fee. For example, for a T-shirt that sells for $16, the seller’s profit may only be $2.5.
  • Small optional space-Merch by Amazon does not have many types of products, and sellers have less room to choose. Currently, they are limited to T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Printful is another case. It offers thousands of different products, including T-shirts, mugs, pillows, bags, bags, hats, and other products.
  • Quality-Because Amazon’s product range is relatively small, sellers do not have much choice in terms of product fabrics and production processes.
  • Infrequent collections-If you use Merch by Amazon, sellers withdraw money on a monthly basis.
  • International freight is relatively poor-Merch by Amazon now only ships products to the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Japan.

Advantages of Printful

  • A wider range of options – Printful is one of the most complete product categories in the field of on-demand printing on the Internet. Sellers can print their own designs on T-shirts, shorts, mugs, jackets, underwear, and tights. On the pants, hats, and other furniture items. Higher profits-because sellers have more choices in product categories, they can choose some products with higher profits to sell.
  • Quality-Printful has guaranteed product quality in all on-demand printing companies. Know that printing on demand is their only business.
  • Use Amazon ads-As long as the account is activated, sellers can use Amazon pay-per-click ads to promote products.
  • Multi-channel marketing-sellers can use Printful to carry out sales activities on their own websites, Etsy and eBay.
  • More frequent collections-As a professional Amazon seller, sellers can withdraw money every 2 weeks. International freight-Printful’s products can be shipped to most countries around the world.

Disadvantages of Printful

  • More costly-using a third-party print-on-demand service to sell products on Amazon will cost $39.99 a month because of an Amazon professional buyer account.
  • More complicated setup process-To sell on-demand print products on Amazon, sellers need universal product barcodes or global trade identification codes.
  • Amazon’s fees are relatively high-as a professional seller, Amazon will collect a 15% commission on top of Printful’s fees.

In general, to sell on-demand printing products on Amazon, it is best to go through a third-party on-demand printing service provider like Printful. However, if the seller pays more for the cost, the seller might as well use Merch by Amazon, after all, it is free

How to find the most profitable products on Amazon?

After understanding how to sell print-on-demand products on Amazon, the next step is to face the difficult part-creating eye-catching patterns and deciding to place them on the above-mentioned products.

Should I sell T-shirts or hoodies? Which design pattern sells better? Are some patterns more suitable on T-shirts than on mugs? In fact, the best way is to look at the best-selling products on Amazon.

Generally speaking, the most successful design patterns represent certain groups of people.

If we simply conduct a research, it is relatively easy to find the relevant on-demand printing niche market. However, the key is that the field must be subdivided and subdivided. For example, the simplest design idea is to start from your own livelihood skills.

For example, I am an interpreter, maybe I can use some humorous translations and design the idea in words or pictures. Or, if you are a technician, you can also print some funny words and ideas that you only know inside on a T-shirt or mug in the form of images.

To be successful through on-demand printing, sellers need to upload more product information on Amazon, and then see which products are more popular, and then expand their customer base.

Recommendations for selling print-on-demand products on Amazon

To successfully engage in print-on-demand cross-border e-commerce business on Amazon, it is more important to learn about research and the number of products. Sellers can use Google Trends to view the search trends of keywords on the Internet, and they can also use Jungle Scout to research what products buyers are searching for on Amazon. Then focus your energy on creativity and vertical fields.

The next thing the seller has to do is to introduce as many designs as possible. Because there is no need to spend money to upload product information, sellers should design more patterns so that they may have a chance to find a more popular design style.

Selling on-demand printing products is similar to gold rushing. Sellers will face many very failed practical solutions, but once they find a style that is popular with the public, they should seize the opportunity.

If a product with a design pattern sells well, perhaps the seller should consider registering a copyright or trademark, so that they can ensure that their ideas are not plagiarized by others.

Promote your products with paid advertising

If the seller sells products through Merch by Amazon, the seller needs to upgrade to the third level (permission for 100 product listings) to use Amazon’s advertising features. But if the seller uses Printful to connect with Amazon, the seller can immediately use Amazon advertising.

Amazon advertising can be said to be the most profitable advertising, and sellers can conduct targeted advertising through keyword research.

How much money can Amazon print on demand business make

Sellers can use Merch by Amaon to make money, but how much money they can make is also affected by product pricing, and then minus taxes and Amazon’s production costs. Generally speaking, the cost to be deducted by Amazon includes the following aspects:

Material costs and production costs;

The cost of packaging and shipping at Amazon fulfillment centers;

Processing returns and exchange fees;

The cost of e-commerce fraud protection;

Generally speaking, the seller’s profit will be relatively low, but this also depends on the price of the product.

For example, a classic print-on-demand T-shirt on Printful costs about $12. Even if the seller can sell for $16, they can only get a profit of $4. If you add 15% of Amazon’s fees, the seller will probably only have $3 plus some change in the end. The Merch by Amazon situation may be even worse. If the price of a T-shirt is $15.99, it will only have a profit of $2.21. In general, your profit depends on the selling price, but in fact it is more difficult for a T-shirt to sell for more than $25. Therefore, sellers need to sell many products to make money using Amazon’s print-on-demand model. However, because Amazon, a multi-seller mall-type cross-border e-commerce platform, has a huge market, it is possible to earn 6 figures a year.

Tips for Merch by Amazon

In-depth research is the key to success. Sellers can use the free MerchResearch tool to search for related phrases.

Avoid infringement. If you are not sure whether the pattern you design is the same as others, the seller must check the relevant website. If you use other people’s patterns, sentences, and phrases, the seller’s entire account will be banned without being notified.

Use bullets and polish all the descriptions in the product list.

Find a niche market and continue to brainstorm ideas.

You can find some designers to design patterns through freelance websites like Fiverr or 99Design.

By realizing popular content on social media, sellers can discover new pictures, new funny patterns and certain concepts on these platforms.

Use Google Trends to view popular keywords on the Internet. And also pay attention to upcoming major events (such as the Tokyo Olympics). Use Facebook and Twitter to post to promote the designed products.

Create an account corresponding to the brand on the social media network. If a new design pattern comes out, it can be known to a wider audience in the first place.

Delete products with poor sales to make room for new creative products.

Analyze sales.

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