Installation of phpBB

Due to phpBB’s multi-language support and strong scalability, many people choose to use it to build website forums, especially when facing foreign users, phpBB is currently the first choice for forum construction. Now let’s introduce its initial installation 🙂

Installation Environment: Operating System: Windows

               Server: apache (local)
               Database: mysql (local)
               Language: php

Installation steps: 1. Download the source file package from the official website:

              2. Unzip the source file and copy the phpbb3 folder to the htdocs directory of apache
              3. Access via browser: http://localhost/phpbb3
              4. In the second tab 'install', follow the prompts to install phpbb step by step
              5. After the installation is complete, delete the install folder in the phpbb3 directory
              6. The initial installation is complete!
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