Google SEO: How to restore website rights? The reason for the downgrade of the website and the restoration method

The demotion of a website, as the name implies, is the drop in the Google search engine’s rating of the website, and it is a way of penalizing the website by the search engine. It is usually caused by cheating on the website itself, and the error will be restored after a period of time. Then why would your website be demoted by Google? The reasons for the downgrade of the website are as follows:

website rights

Google will downgrade some websites, a large part of the reason is because he thinks you have cheated, so it downgrades your website. Google’s judgment of cheating:

  • Hidden text or hidden links;
  • Hide the real content or deceptively redirect;
  • Send automatic query to google;
  • Load web pages with irrelevant terms;
  • Create multiple pages, subdomains or domains with a lot of duplicate content;
  • “Bridge Pages” made for search engines, affiliate programs;
  • Create web pages that install viruses, Trojan horses, or other harmful software
  • The commonality of these behaviors is that they are all done for search engines, not for users who visit the site. .

Features of the site being demoted by Google:

1. The collection is stagnant;

2. Decreased keyword ranking;

3. Occasionally accompanied by some pages being K

If we find that our website has been downgraded by Google, don’t worry too much. The way to deal with the downgrade of Google is much simpler than that of Baidu.

The method of handling the downgrading of the website is as follows:

1. First download your own domain name on the site, and determine whether the right to downgrade the homepage of the website or the content downgrades. If the homepage is downgraded, consider whether it is a sandbox. If the right of the inner page is downgraded, consider whether to enter the single-page sandbox, and observe for a few days.

2. If it is determined that it is not a sandbox, and the page site is still there, then check the keyword density, the distribution of first-level keywords, see if there are keywords listed, and check whether the title, keywords, and description are reasonable.

3. If you don’t find the site downright page, it means that this page is K. You can redesign the K’s page, change the link in the site, and add several external links to this page.

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