How to Modify the Credit Card Information for Payment of SiteGround Hosting Fees

At present , SiteGround supports credit card and PayPal to pay for hosting fees ( PayPal to buy SiteGround tutorial ). If you use a credit card to pay for hosting fees, then when your hosting is about to expire, SiteGround will automatically deduct the relevant fees from your credit card by default. cost. If the credit card debit fails, it means that you no longer continue to use SiteGround’s hosting service, SiteGround will keep your website data for a few days, if it has not been renewed, it is deemed that you no longer want your hosting at SiteGround Website data, SiteGround will delete all your website data.

Therefore, I personally recommend purchasing a 3-year host at one time, which is not only more money-saving, but also more worry-free. If your credit card expires, remember to bind the latest credit card to the SiteGround backend as soon as possible.

SiteGround Hosting Credit Card Information Modification

Log in to the SiteGround background, on the Billing – Billing Details page, modify the current credit card information, or add another credit card to the SiteGround account, SiteGround will preferentially deduct the relevant fees from the credit card marked as Primary. Attempt to debit another credit card you have linked to.

SiteGround Hosting Credit Card Information Modification

If you want to cancel the automatic deduction function when it expires, you can check how to cancel the automatic renewal function of SiteGround.

On the Payment History page you can view payment history and download Invoices.

On the RENEWALS page, you can renew the current host at any time. After checking the host that needs to be renewed, and then select the renewal period, SiteGround will automatically calculate the fee required for the period, and pay with the credit card bound to the SiteGround account. Can.

The longer the host renewal time, the more discounts you can enjoy. Of course, unlike the discounts enjoyed by new accounts, the renewal fee is paid at a price of $19.95 per month. If you renew for 3 years at one time, you can get a 30% discount. It is relatively cost-effective.

SiteGround Hosting Credit Card Information Modification

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