How to choose 3070 and 3070ti

Some time ago, NVIDIA released the 3070ti series of graphics cards. Everyone must be curious about its performance. Let’s take the 3070 as a comparison to see what is the difference between the two graphics cards. The difference is not big. How should we buy it?

1. On the parameters

3070 and 3070ti

RTX 3070Ti uses GA103-300 chips, while RTX3070 uses GA104-300 and 3060Ti uses GA104-200 chips. RTX 3070Ti graphics card uses 7424 CUDA cores, RTX 3070 graphics card uses 5888 CUDA cores

First look at the chasing score. The RTX3070TI score is 8952 points, and the RTX3070 score is 7892 points.

In TIME SPY, RTX3070TI scored 14306 points, while RTX3070 scored 12635 points.

3. Purchase suggestions

There is not much difference between 3070Ti and 3070, and the general performance is 7%-10% stronger. If you haven’t bought it yet, don’t think about it, definitely choose 3070Ti, because the mining premium is still high. If you already have 3070, personal advice is not to toss, although in theory 3070 can be directly replaced with 3070Ti, one is that 3070 is not easy to grab recently, it may take a long time to grab it if you change it

4. Summary

Of course, the game performance at 2K resolution has been increased, which can make us play more coolly, but 4K is still very reluctant. The highest image quality and the highest light pursuit effect can be turned on in 2K image quality.Compared with RTX3070, 3070TI can make You enjoy the ultimate light chasing experience, after all, spending this money is to enjoy, and 3070 will not work.

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