How can I operate an AliExpress store?


How can I operate an AliExpress store?

  1. The first is to sell goods, we have to know the inventory situation.
    1.1. Inventory issues. In other words, which products need to be purchased in advance, communicate with the purchase in advance (explosive products), and it is best to be accurate to the color and size. Believe that ERP software can be accurately seen.
    Scan the sales of the best-selling items in your store and the inventory in the corresponding ERP software every day, and you should know how many items are still available in a certain main product and which sizes and colors are much different. If the replenishment cycle is 10 days, the goods must be ready 10 days in advance, so we must estimate the sales volume. If there is inventory loss or suddenly out of stock, this operation has the greatest responsibility.
    1.2. Peer situation. Everyone should know that they need to pay attention to their peers, but most people don’t know what to pay attention to in their peers. How should we pay attention, and how many companies should we pay attention to?
    There are not too many suggestions here. Let’s not talk about the ones you can’t see. After reading more than ten or twenty shops, you won’t have to do anything a day, and your thinking will be messy. I suggest generally 3-5, try to make the style and the customer list are at the same level. You can choose 2 companies that sell better than us, such as the top sellers; choose another 2 companies that are similar to ours.
  2. From focusing on data to focusing on peers
    Before I say this, let me talk about a mistake that everyone makes, that is, the time node is not well controlled, including myself, which is not very good. (In addition, we actually received the limitations of the company’s strategy, such as the late arrival of new products)
    For example, the same product was launched early, and the measured data may be very poor. Originally, the click rate was 5%, but because of the wrong time node, the measured click rate was only 2%. Collection and purchase will also be very poor, and the new product period will also be wasted.
    If you don’t know how to control time, here is something to teach you. You can take a look at the peers you follow and see their new products. If the new product doesn’t move much, you can wait. If the new links are selling well, you can keep up at this time.
    No matter what the activity is, it doesn’t matter. It is important for us to know what our peers are thinking and what are they doing? Clearance, explosion or push new product sales. If it is a hit and it is very similar to your product, will your sales be crushed after its activity?
    If it is a lot of new product sales, you must pay attention to it at this time. Your new product may be thrown off by your peers. If your styles are similar, you really have to think of a way.
    Always keep an eye on the sales of new products of your peers (new product sales) As long as a certain new product of your peers is on the rise, these are potential explosions. You don’t need to test it, and directly increase your efforts to promote it. As long as the peers can explode, we can basically explode, because the pictures are similar, the prices are similar, and the promotion level is similar. If this product is not available yet, or there is not yet in our product library, please contact the purchaser or the boss as soon as possible.
    To sum up, paying attention to peers is basically these points: first, the two actions of the peers: new action and activity action, and then the movement of the new products of the peers. Quick copying of funds saves time for testing.
  3. Single product data tracking
    What data need to be tracked specifically?
    • Overall flow
    • Additional purchase
    • Return rate
    • Same paragraph, medium and negative review
    • Page inspection
    • chat record
    • Operational goals
    • official activity
    • Old customer care
    3.1. Overall flow
    We pay attention to changes in the flow of a style is to focus on the overall flow, rather than focus on the organic flow, why? First of all, organic traffic is uncontrollable! Because organic traffic itself is divided into three channels:
    • Natural search
    • Homepage traffic
    • Free others
    These three are all natural search, let me talk about the difference between the three first:
    3.2 Natural search, this is the keyword, you put the through-train keywords
    Traffic in this area will rise very quickly. The conversion rate of this part of the traffic is very high.
    3.2 Homepage traffic is the entry you like more to love at the bottom of the Aliexpress APP homepage.
    This part of the traffic is mainly raised by the through train orientation (currently it is the product recommendation function of the through train). The conversion rate of this part of the traffic is generally very low (but it is definitely better than nothing).
    3.4 Free and other, this is special because there is a lot of mixed traffic, but there is also a part of more to love free traffic. At the bottom of your product details page, this part of traffic is also free. Why treat it as natural traffic? Because it does not belong to the internal jump of the store, it comes from outside the store and is free, so we treat it as natural traffic. This part of the traffic conversion rate is also relatively high.
    So here comes the problem. Since the natural traffic comes from three channels, then the natural traffic is the sum of the three channels, but the conversion of each channel is different, so it is no longer meaningful to simply count the increase in natural traffic. Here we still count The flow of the whole baby. If the overall flow of the main push money drops sharply, you should pay attention to it.
    3.5, additional purchase
    It’s easy to understand the purchase of additional purchases. For the main product, the trend of additional purchases directly reflects the sales situation in the future. If the rate of additional purchases is normal, we can continue to push it. If the purchase rate declines in a certain period of time, it may be that the life cycle of this style is over or it is no longer suitable for this season.
    The style should be ready for adjustment. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the additional purchase rate of the main item. This is not counted every day. It is more accurate to look at the 7-day data.
    3.6 Same paragraph, bad review
    Regarding the same paragraph and bad reviews, I suggest that you can open the top 5 paragraphs of your own traffic every day and check the links. First of all, the first place to check is the same paragraph. Use relevant plug-ins to search for similar products. Then see all kinds of similar products or even identical products, the price is lower than yours or the price is the same.
    These peers will definitely share your flow, and the orders they sell are the orders you have lost. Therefore, check whether the main push money has the same money every day. If someone steals the picture, just complain directly.
    The second place to check is the negative review of the main push. Click to check every day to see if there are any bad reviews on the main push fund. If there are bad reviews, you have to find a solution. The sooner the better, how to solve it? I won’t talk about the details. In short, the sooner the problem is solved, the better.
    3.7, shop page inspection
    How to check page problems? What data is the main concern of the page problem? There are three main points
    • The unit price of the main store customer and the unit price of the whole store
    • Bounce rate
    • Depth of access
    Among them, the second and third points have a relatively large relationship with your traffic source, and the failure to fully reflect is a page problem. If you have many old visitors, then your bounce rate and visit depth will generally be better. Let’s just look at the page, how can these three data be considered healthy?
    • The unit price of the whole store should be at least 1.3 times the unit price of the main customer
    Of course, the higher the better, if this data is not reached, your page needs to be adjusted
    • Let’s talk about the bounce rate and the depth of the visit together:
    The bounce rate is generally less than 70%. If the bounce rate is higher than this number, it will be difficult to do
    • Access depth: at least 2.5 or more
    If the above two data cannot be reached, the first thing you have to do is not to increase promotion, but to adjust the page. Remember, these two data are just passing data! I believe that most of the stores can reach it, only some small sellers, they think that what they lack most is traffic, so they open the through train, but they don’t know that they will lose money no matter how they push it, and the store just can’t get up.
    These three data are generally observed once every 7 days, that is, to adjust the page once a week, try to achieve the following data: if the data can be done like this, basically there is no need to adjust it.
    • Missing rate is less than 60%
    • Access depth is greater than 3.5
  4. Chat history
    Be sure to check the daily chat history of the customer service. It doesn’t take much time. It takes about 5 minutes a day. As an operator, you must know what your customers are thinking and paying attention to at this point in time.

For example, during the Spring Festival, what customers are most concerned about is the timeliness of express delivery during the Spring Festival. Can you write directly in the details page to reduce the pressure of customer service? For example, some of the size issues and fabric issues that other customers are most concerned about can be directly explained in the details page.

There is also the customer service’s words, whether there are any problems, especially the new customer service, these should also be picked out. If there is a customer service supervisor, the customer service supervisor usually takes care of it, but you should know that the customer service supervisor is also very busy all day, and there is no answer. After finishing the order, you must be able to control these things.

  1. Operational objectives
    I shared this form a long time ago.
    The most important thing is to look at the two columns of GMV and promotion percentage. This table is updated every day, and you need to know whether the store is profitable or loss-making every day.
    We generally budget for the day based on the previous day’s sales. For example, if your store sold 5,000 US dollars yesterday, if you use a 5% budget, the budget for today’s promotion is 245 US dollars. Of course this is controlled according to your profit margin.
  2. Follow official events
    For example, the October big promotion, the 618 big promotion, etc., especially if you don’t want a big shop to report the event, the small shop does not report it. After the event, the gap between the shops will be widened. Another example is the FD and the Russian group activities. It is recommended to scan every day. Once again, this will not take much time, but before reporting the event, first think about the purpose of this event.
  3. Old customer care
    There are three main channels for maintaining regular customers:
    7.1 Feed
    7.2 **
    7.3 facebook/ins
    Small and medium-sized sellers just need to do the first two points. The third point is the big selling game, mainly net celebrities bring goods. There are also many ways to maintain regular customers, such as new fan prices, promo codes, etc. A store that develops well in the future must be a store with a large number of store customers.

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