GTX1660super and GTX1660ti performance

After nvidia has joined the super series in the high-end RTX2060 2070 2080, it has finally launched the GTX1660 super version. In this article, we will make a comprehensive comparison of the performance of GTX1660super and GTX1660ti, and also add GTX1660 as a reference.

1. Comparison of parameters between GTX1660super and GTX1660ti

       First of all, let’s take a look at the differences in the parameters of the three models of graphics cards

GTX1650 and GTX1050Ti parameter comparison
Graphics cardGTX1660GTX1660 SUPERGTX1660Ti
Graphics card architectureTuringTuringTuring
Core modelTU116-300TU116-300TU116-300
Process technology12nm12nm12nm
Number of transistors6.6 billion6.6 billion6.6 billion
Stream processor140814081536
Texture unit888896
Raster unit484848
Video memory typeGDDR5GDDR6GDDR6
Core frequency1530-1785MHz1530-1830MHz1500-1770MHz
Video memory frequency8000MHz14000MHz12000MHz
Video memory bandwidth192GB/s336GB/s288GB/s
Memory capacity6G6G6G
Video memory bit width192bit192bit192bit
Power design120W120W120W
proposed price1699 yuan1799 yuan2099 yuan

 1. What is the difference between

       GTX1660super and GTX1660Ti The main parameter difference between GTX1660super and GTX1660Ti lies in the number of stream processors and texture units. GTX1660Ti is higher in these two parameters. So it is foreseeable that the performance of GTX1660Ti is naturally higher than that of GTX1660super. As for how much it can be higher, please see the following evaluation.

2. What is the difference between GTX1660super and GTX1660?

       Compared to GTX1660, GTX1660super actually upgrades the video memory from GDDR5 to GDDR6, and greatly increases the memory frequency, while other parameters are exactly the same. As for the performance of the GTX1660super after improving the video memory, the following evaluation will tell you the answer.

       So from the perspective of parameters, the performance ranking of these three models of graphics cards is: GTX1660Ti> GTX1660super> GTX1660

two, GTX1660super and GTX1660ti theoretical performance test

GTX1660ti GTX1660super

Test summary: The order of theoretical performance results is: GTX1660Ti> GTX1660super> GTX1660

       The gap between GTX1660 SUPER and GTX1660 is relatively large, about 12%. It seems that the high-frequency GDDR6 memory is really impressive.

       The theoretical performance of GTX1660Ti is only about 3% higher than GTX1660 SUPER. It is estimated that GTX1660 SUPER will replace GTX1660Ti in the later period.

Three, GTX1660super and GTX1660ti game performance test

 The performance of individual games GTX1660 SUEPER can even be better than GTX 1660 Ti. This is surprising. The upgrade of GDDR6 memory is really immediate. However, most games still perform better on the GTX1660Ti, after all, the specifications of the 1660ti are higher.

       Let’s take a look at GTX1660. It is really a big part of GTX1660 super. The average game performance test GTX1660 super is about 11% higher than GTX1660.

Summary: GTX1660super and GTX1660ti performance comparison test, what is the difference between GTX1660 and GTX1660. The performance of

       these three graphics cards from high to low is GTX1660Ti> GTX1660super> GTX1660

       GTX1660 super can be regarded as an enhanced version of GTX1660. The performance between the two The gap is still relatively large, considering the current price, GTX1660 SUPER is more cost-effective.

       The performance of GTX1660Ti is slightly higher than GTX1660 SUPER, and the price difference is about 300 yuan. From the current price difference, I think it is more cost-effective to buy GTX1660 SUPER.

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