How about the performance of the low-cost transition graphics card, GT1030 and DG1? What games can I play?

Under the mining tide, the price of graphics cards on the market has basically doubled. Most ordinary consumers are waiting and waiting, looking forward to the restoration of the original price of graphics cards. However, there is good news recently that the country has begun to crack down on virtual currencies again and provide virtual currency exchanges. , Transactions, related information, etc. are all illegal. When the relevant news is released, graphics cards have begun to drop in price, but it will take some time to recover to the original price. After all, part of the reason comes from insufficient production capacity. In the mining tide, many small partners may consider buying low-cost graphics cards or second-hand graphics cards for the first transition. Recently, users have asked about the performance of the GT1030 independent display and Intel’s newly launched DG1 independent display? What kind of games can you play with a graphics card like this? Let’s talk about the installation of the home below.

First, let’s take a brief look at the parameters of GT1030 and DG1.
NVIDIA GT1030 alone wasintel DG1 independent display
Pascal GP108-300Intel Xe Max core
384 pcs768 pcs
14 nm10 nm
GT1030 and DG1

As for the parameters of the two, just look at it. Because of the different architectures, they are basically not comparable. Whether it is GT1030 or DG1 alone, this type of graphics card itself is not high and belongs to the entry-level graphics card. After all, the price of the graphics card is here. It should be noted that the DG1 graphics card only supports the use of Intel’s 10th and 11th generation processor platforms , and can support the H410 chipset motherboard at least. Do not use it on AMD platforms or older Intel platforms.

We use the existing i5 10400F CPU, H510 motherboard, 8G memory and 500G M.2 NVMe solid state to test the game, let’s take a look at the game performance of the GT1030 and DG1 graphics cards.

From the game test, we can see that the performance of DG1 is stronger than GT1030, but DG1 can’t handle games that GT1030 can’t play. It’s easy to play games like League of Legends and Crossfire. Under the extremely high quality of 1080P, the two graphics cards can reach the level of gaming with more than 100 frames in League of Legends. However, in CS:GO, it may be medium or low. The picture quality can be played smoothly. For games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Forever Tribulation, if you want to play smoothly, it is recommended that you need at least GTX1050Ti.

Through the above simple game test, we can see that for entry-level graphics cards such as GT1030 and DG1, there is no problem in playing LOL, Overwatch, CF, and DNF lightweight games. During the mining boom, when the graphics card premium is too high, the graphics card itself does not require high requirements, or that you only play lightweight online games such as Tencent Family Bucket, which can be considered.

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