Golang and PHP, what are the pros and cons?

The full name of the Go language is Golang, a language developed by Google. Compared with PHP, the vitality is more vigorous. Nowadays, the WEB framework of Go language is flourishing, from Beego, Iris to Gin, GoFrame, the basic WEB development needs can be fully satisfied. So, what advantages does GO have over PHP?

1.GO language runs faster than PHP. Compared with PHP, GO adopts static compilation method, which has higher execution speed than dynamically compiled PHP. The GO language, which claims to have the speed of C, is actually not as fast as C, but it is still much faster than PHP. Fast speed means that, under the same number of users, higher load capacity and smaller hardware investment can be provided.

  1. GO language is easier to deploy than PHP. The GO language comes with an HTTP server. After static compilation, all required dependencies are packaged. You only need to put the compiled executable file in the system, and you can execute it directly. However, PHP needs to deploy the PHP environment in advance. Compared with the GO language, the deployment is still a lot more troublesome.
  2. GO language is more secure than PHP. Because PHP is a weakly typed language, it does not distinguish between integer, floating-point, and string types, but uses the form of dynamic variables. Therefore, during runtime, uncontrolled type conversions may occur. The GO language uses static types, and there will be no uncontrollable type conversions. All type conversions are explicit conversions.
  3. It is easier to call the C library from the GO language. In PHP, if you need to call the C library, it can only be done through PHP extensions or system calls. Whenever the PHP extension is modified, you need to redeploy the PHP environment to take effect. The GO language integrates cgo internally, which can seamlessly embed C code, and can easily link C libraries.
  4. GO is easier to read than PHP code. Due to the mandatory code style of GO, the code style written by everyone is consistent, which is much better than the chaos of PHP code style, which brings great convenience to secondary development.
  5. Compared with PHP, GO can better protect the code. Because PHP is a scripting language, the code exists on the server in plain text. If the server is hacked, you can easily get your PHP code and understand your business logic. The GO language is compiled and run, and only binary executable code is placed on the server, and no source code exists on the server at all. Even if the server is hacked, it is impossible to know the specific business logic implementation. This greatly protects the code from the risk of leaks.

After talking about the advantages, let’s talk about the disadvantages of Go:

  1. Because the GO language is not born for a long time, there are not many related students. This brings certain difficulties to the recruitment of the project, and the manpower investment will be larger.
  2. The development speed of the GO language is not as good as that of PHP, mainly because PHP can save the amount of coding in some aspects and improve some production efficiency.
  3. The OOP of the GO language is incomplete. Since GO is designed with minimalism, it does not have the integrity of the OOP of the mainstream OOP language. For example, in terms of polymorphism support, GO cannot implement virtual functions and overloading. This makes GO handicapped when using certain development modes.

Of course, GO has more advantages than disadvantages compared to PHP. To this end, our company is also transferring its business to GO. Now, the Craftsman Mini Program Mall, the Craftsman WeChat Mall, and the Craftsman Virtual Delivery System are or have used GO for code refactoring. I believe our products will be Allows you to invest less hardware and bring more convenient maintenance experience.

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