The difference between ddr5 and ddr4x game equipment problem solving sharing!

Is the difference between ddr4x and ddr5 big? Let’s take a look at the difference between ddr5 and ddr4x .

Bandwidth speed: Compared with DDR4, the improved DDR5 function will increase the actual bandwidth by 36%. The current bandwidth of DDR4 is 25.6GB/s, and that of DDR5 is 32GB/s.

In terms of operating frequency: the lowest operating frequency standard of DDR4 is 1600 and the highest operating frequency is 3200, while the operating frequency of DDR5 is as high as 4800 or more, and the highest frequency reaches 6400MHz.

In terms of chip density: DDR4 is currently mainly 4GB, and the maximum capacity of a single memory is 128GB, while DDR5 will have a chip density of more than 16GB, which can achieve a higher capacity for a single chip.

The difference between ddr5 and ddr4x
ddr5 and ddr4x

Power consumption: The current single power consumption of DDR4 memory is 1.2V, and the power consumption of DDR5 memory will be further reduced to 1.1V.

The above is the difference between ddr4x and ddr5, I hope to help you.

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