What CPU and motherboard are good for GTX1050Ti? CPU and motherboard solutions suitable for GTX1050Ti

At present, the new generation of NVIDIA Pascal’s entry-level GTX1050Ti graphics card has been officially released. With the launch of the GTX1050Ti graphics card, many friends who are concerned about the GTX1050Ti want to know what CPU and motherboard are good for the GTX1050Ti? In this regard, this article brings you the CPU and motherboard models suitable for GTX1050Ti.

With the official release of the GTX1050Ti graphics card and the upcoming launch, this graphics card is the flagship product for the e-sports game market and is positioned in the mid-range market of 1,000 yuan. Compared with the higher-end GTX1060 graphics card, this new product also inherits some of the features of the new Pascal architecture, making the positioning of the GTX1050Ti graphics card more mainstream and friendly to the people. In this way, many netizens may ask, what CPU and motherboard is GTX1050Ti equipped with? If the GTX1050Ti graphics card is selected for installation in the future, how should the CPU and the motherboard be balanced? Today, the editor of Script House is here to talk with you about the CPU and motherboard of GTX1050Ti. Interested gamers may wish to learn about it together.

What CPU is equipped with GTX1050Ti?

We know that the first thing that needs to be determined for DIY installation is the CPU, and then the graphics card. For game users, these two pieces of hardware basically play a decisive role in the overall performance of the computer. And we know that balance also needs to be considered in the matching process, so the next thing to consider is how to balance the CPU and graphics card. Let’s first understand the performance positioning of the GTX1050Ti graphics card, and then decide which CPU is more suitable according to the performance grade of the graphics card.

The GTX 1050Ti graphics card uses a brand new GP107 core, based on a 16nm FinFET manufacturing process, with 768 CUDA units, 48 ​​texture units, 32 raster units, 128bit video memory width, 4GB GDDR5 video memory, core frequency 1290MHz, Boost frequency 1392MHz, The power consumption of TDP is designed to be 75W, and the performance is a little higher than that of GTX 960, which belongs to the current mid-range positioning level.

In addition, the market price of the GTX 1050Ti graphics card after the launch will be around 1299 yuan or 1499 yuan, and for gamers, if balance is considered, the graphics card budget is a bit higher than the CPU, because for the game configuration, more The thing is to consider the performance of the graphics card, and at the same time, the requirements of the game on the performance of the graphics card are higher than that of the CPU.

GTX1050Ti ladder location map

Therefore, we can roughly draw a conclusion: GTX 1050Ti is suitable for matching with CPUs below 1500 yuan and positioned at mid-to-high end. There are many options available at present , and the preferred recommendations are as follows:

Intel processor positioning analysis, i3 is positioned in the low-end, i5 is positioned in the high-end, and i7 is positioned in the high-end, so this graphics card is the most suitable for the i5 series of processors.

As for the i5 series models, the editor’s suggestion is to give priority to Intel’s sixth-generation Core i5 processors, such as i5-6500. Of course, for players with special beliefs, you can also consider the 6-generation Zhiqiang E3 processor with higher cost performance, such as E3 1230v5 in bulk, which is mainly cost-effective.

And if you pay attention to cost-effective A fan users, I suggest you consider the FX series, such as the FX-8350 octa-core processor. For this graphics card, I still don’t recommend using the A platform. This is also the belief that the author has always existed, and the specific configuration yourself To weigh and consider.

What motherboard GTX1050Ti is equipped with? GTX1050Ti motherboard recommendation

After understanding what kind of CPU to match the above, the next thing to consider is the motherboard. As long as the processor is determined, the motherboard is a better choice. In other words, what motherboard GTX1050Ti is equipped with is mainly determined by the CPU, because different specifications and models of CPUs correspond to different compatible motherboards.

What motherboard is equipped with GTX1050Ti

If the GTX1050Ti is equipped with Intel’s sixth-generation i5 processor, then the most suitable motherboard is the B150 motherboard.

Among them, if you are paired with i5-6400/i5-6500/i5-6600 six-generation CPUs that do not support overclocking, then the best-matched motherboard is the B150 series motherboard. It is recommended to prefer the mainstream specifications of the first-line brands such as ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI. Motherboard, but also consider that the motherboard is a B150 motherboard that supports DDR4 memory ( some low-spec B150 motherboards only support DDR3 memory, this requires a simple note ).

If the GTX1050Ti is equipped with a sixth-generation i5-6600K processor that supports overclocking, the motherboard is recommended to choose a high-specification Z170 motherboard that supports overclocking.

The best solution for GTX1050Ti graphics card with CPU and motherboard is: GTX1050Ti + i5-6500 + B150 motherboard, positioning in the high-end.

The above is the introduction and analysis of GTX1050Ti graphics card with CPU and motherboard brought by Scripthome. Graphics card with CPU mainly pays attention to balance, while with motherboard, you mainly need to pay attention to CPU compatibility. If you master the above two issues, DIY group assembly configuration The matching will become very simple. If you have any questions, you can leave us a message in the comment box below. We will do our best to answer for everyone. Thank you for your continued support, and please continue to pay attention to the follow-up tutorials and software of Script House.

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