Compare the difference between vtiger and Sugar

When you need to choose between vtiger CRM and Sugar CRM? You will choose that one. Maybe you will ask yourself, which one is more suitable for my company’s needs? In this article, we will do a comparison between vtiger CRM and Sugar CRM. hope it helps you.

Sugar CRM
Sugar CRM – The Sugar system is a limited open source customer relationship management system. It has rich business processing features that can enhance marketing effectiveness, sales performance and customer satisfaction. Due to its excellent collaborative processing and management features, Sugar CRM is suitable for enterprises of different sizes in multiple industries.

Benefits of Sugar CRM
Sugar suits are a great choice for businesses of all sizes in all walks of life due to their excellent features. The installation of Sugar Suite is the same as other add-on modules, and it is easy to install. Sugar CRM is based on the fully open source LAMPS platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Sugar CRM. Sugar’s mobile solution reduces downtime and increases efficiency. Sugar’s email and scheduling functions can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook to ensure centralized and coordinated communications within the enterprise.

Sugar CRM falls short
In terms of performance and reliability, Sugar is not as easy to use as vtiger CRM, and the response speed is not as fast as vtiger CRM. At the same time, if the user does not lock the installation after the installation is complete, it may cause problems. Compared with vtiger CRM, the add-on function plug-in of Sugar CRM cannot be installed for free, and can only be ordered additionally. In addition, another disadvantage of Sugar CRM is that the upgrade is quite inconvenient and takes a lot of time. On shared servers, Sugar CRM upgrades often fail because the upgrade operation times out.

vtiger CRM
vtiger CRM is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. With the help of vtiger CRM, you can effectively manage customer resources and inventory activities throughout the company, including sales automation, marketing automation, customer support and service, and procurement. There are many tools or add-ons that can improve the business processing efficiency and productivity of enterprises, such as: MS Outlook, MS Office and Thunderbird plug-ins, customer self-service portal, RSS and others.

Advantages of vtiger CRM
Ease of operation can be said to be the most distinctive advantage of vtiger CRM. Compared with Sugar CRM, vtiger CRM runs faster, has a more intuitive user interface, and is easy to operate. The software environment required for Vtiger CRM operation, such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP, has been integrated and can run on Windows and Linux platforms. Vtiger CRM’s MS Outlook, Office plug-ins, Mozilla/Thunderbird extensions, and customer self-service portal plug-ins are free and open source, and have great application value for end users. The system is completely free and does not require any upfront investment. In this system, pre-sales and after-sales activities are supported, and rich user-customized support features and excellent service support functions are provided.

vtiger CRM is not enough
The installation of vtiger is sometimes confusing, because vtiger cannot write data to the database during installation, and there are many files that need to be manually modified to complete the installation. In addition, vtiger4.X has upgrade problems like Sugar CRM. However, in the latest version of vtiger CRM 5.X, these problems have been resolved.

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