How to choose two 8G or one 16G memory stick

How to choose the memory stick? Is one 16G memory stick better or two 8G memory sticks? I believe that many friends know that a memory module needs to be installed in the computer, so that the computer can be booted correctly, so how to choose? The following editor will explain it for you!

How to choose two 8G or one 16G memory stick?

16G memory

In fact, this is mainly related to the “single/dual channel” problem of memory. If the computer forms a dual-channel memory, you can read and write data while working. This is like a two-way lane, and vehicles going back and forth can drive at the same time; and a single-channel memory is like a one-way lane, which cannot be written when reading, and cannot be read when writing. Therefore, under the same conditions, the transmission efficiency of dual-channel memory can be at least 30% higher than that of single-channel memory.

However, a single memory or onboard memory cannot form a dual channel. This thing can only be done by two memories.

  Remember to confirm whether your computer supports dual-channel memory. This can be seen directly in the commercial details of all major platforms, or you can remove the back cover of the notebook yourself and judge by the number of memory slots inside.

  In addition, in daily use, the memory is still relatively susceptible to temperature, static electricity and other factors, causing irreversible damage. If we only have one 16G memory, one day it breaks, your computer will be cold; but if two 8G memory are installed, one is broken, we unplug it, and the other can still support your computer to continue to use of.

  So under the same conditions, do you have an answer to the question “Is it better to have two 8G memory or one 16G memory”? By the way, if you guys want to buy two memory sticks, remember to choose the same brand, the same model, the same frequency, and the same capacity (the set is definitely the best, but it will be more expensive).

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