WordPress website: build a WordPress website on SiteGround


My original intention to organize this SiteGround tutorial is very simple. Nowadays, many small and medium-sized enterprises and companies do not have their own websites. Maybe they think it is a little difficult to make a website from scratch, especially when it comes to website building technology, it seems even more difficult to break through. If you are the operator of a business or company, if you do not have your own site, you may have missed a lot of potential customers. Below, you can learn about the development of the Internet in the United States. After reading it, you may know that you must start making a website.

Today, as many as 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. This is based on the statistical article “Survey: 85% of Consumers Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses” from the well-known American website Yelp.


Step 1: Visit SiteGround and select the server package

The network host is equivalent to an online hard disk. All files, multimedia materials, and data related to the website are stored on the network host, so that users and administrators can access and call this information 24 hours a day, 1 week, and 7 days. First, we click “Get Started” under “WordPress Hosting” on the homepage to enter the package selection page, as shown in the following figure:


Then we will see the specific package under the WordPress host, and then we need to click on a specific package and make a selection. Here I choose the package StartUp.

In fact, the two packages StartUp and GrowBig are more suitable for novices. The biggest difference between the two is that the GrowBig package allows users to install multiple websites, while the StartUp package can only install one website. In addition, the GrowBig package is slightly faster. But for friends who are new to SiteGround to build a website, the StartUp package is enough.

Next, we click the “Get Started” button to continue to the next step.

Step 2: Choose WordPress website domain name and suffix

For example, I typed portfolioexample in the space in the above picture, and then pressed the Enter key on the keyboard. As a result, when I proceed to the next step, it shows that the domain name is already occupied. In fact, almost all domain names with only one word in English websites have been taken up. So in this step you need to enter a domain name that no one else has used. This is also the business of domain name buying and selling and website buying and selling in the Internet field.

Choose a WordPress website suffix If you want your website to be exposed all over the world, it is recommended that you choose “.com”, because this suffix is the most common and easier to remember. In addition, you can also choose the two domain names “.org” (from the English word organization-organization) and “.net” (from the English word network-network). If your target customers are only for a certain country, you can also use suffixes with obvious national signs, such as “.uk”, “.cn”, “.nz” and so on.

Step 3: Fill in the account information and place an order to purchase

Fill in the content step by step according to the part of the above picture.

1. Enter your email address and create a password at the same time (this address and password are important information for logging in to SiteGround, you must write it down and keep it in your mind).

2. Enter contact information and payment information

! ! ! Note: If you do not have a VISA card or MasterCard, you can still pay via PayPal.

3. Choose the data center closest to your target customers and target groups.

SiteGround is one of the few web hosting providers that have data centers in multiple countries (the current data centers are located in Chicago, Amsterdam, Singapore, and London). Choosing the data center closest to your target customers and target groups is to make it easier for users in the target location to open your website faster. Don’t miss the fact that the factor of data center has become weaker, because nowadays the performance of many web hosting hosts is similar, and the business scope of many hosting hosts basically covers the whole world. In fact, the speed of SiteGround is very fast, no matter where you are, the speed is faster. If your target group is the whole world, then which data center you choose is not so important anymore.

4. Time limit for purchasing SiteGround web host.

The time limit for purchasing a SiteGround web host is more important, because the corresponding price is different, and the discounts and discounts given are also different. The longer the time limit you choose, the more favorable the discount it gives. And all SiteGround also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you want to switch to another web hosting provider, you can also apply for a refund.

5. Check the “Domain Registration” option. This is to allow you to confirm the website domain name you previously selected.

6. Select the “Domain Privacy” option (recommended, or unchecked). All website owners require that their contact information be stored on the WHOIS. The service provided by SiteGround mainly replaces the website owner’s own contact information, which makes it easier to protect personal privacy and data security. But if you have already registered your company address and phone number, this option can be unchecked.

7. Choose whether to enable the “SiteGround website scan” service. This option is mainly to scan the malicious code in the website. If the website is hacked, you can receive a notification. Under normal circumstances, due to cost considerations, most people would not choose this option. But if your website is relatively large, it is still recommended that you choose this option. SiteGround’s service will not prevent websites from being hacked, but it can notify you when an attack occurs. If you have a limited budget, you don’t need to check this option.

8. Select the “Terms of Service” option, and then click “Pay Now”. These two options are regular options. One is called the terms of service and the other is payment.

! ! ! Note: When making payment, if you do not have a MasterCard or Visa card, an error message will appear at this time. At this time, you need to click the Help button at the top right of the homepage, and then enter the same user name and email address to communicate with the customer online. The customer staff will give you a PayPal collection account, and then you can directly transfer to that account. (Use PayPal to pay, you can ignore the next step).

Step 4: Install WordPress on SiteGround

Log in to SiteGround account

After the payment is completed, you will receive an email from SiteGround in the mailbox used to register SiteGround, which contains the specific account and password for logging in to SiteGround. But you must remember that the account and password for logging in to SG (abbreviation of SiteGround) can only be known by yourself, and cannot be given to others casually.

Then use the SiteGround account and password received in your email to log in. After logging in, you will see the account creation page. Next, you need to click Proceed To Customer Area. As shown below:

siteground wordpress, wordpress siteground, customer area

After clicking the Proceed To Customer Area button, you will see the page below.

siteground wordpress, untick option

In addition, remember to check the “Thanks, but I don’t need help” option, and then click the “Proceed” button to continue the installation.

Enter the C-Panel (control panel) of your SiteGround account

After entering the cPanel page, slide the mouse until you see the Security label. Before installing WordPress and creating a website, it is recommended to install the SSL certificate on your domain name. This is a free SSL certificate provided by SiteGround (SSL certificate can make your website more secure. Usually when you open a website, if there is a green lock sign in the search bar, it proves that the website has an SSL certificate installed and the transaction is safe. )

SiteGround SSL

Step 5: Build a WordPress website on SiteGround

Click the cPanel Home button, then find the WordPress Installer button under WordPress Tools, and click the button

!!!Important reminder: In the next step, you must take notes with your administrator account and password for logging in to your WordPress website to prevent you from being unable to log in to your website due to forgetting.

Step 6: WordPress basic settings

To enter the backend of the WordPress website, just enter http://www.XXX.com/wp-admin/ in the search bar, where XXX refers to your domain name. For example, if I want to enter the background of ipetipety, I only need to enter http://www.ipetipety.com/wp-admin/. Then you will see the login interface of wordpress.

Authorized search engine to search WordPress website In the background of the WordPress website control panel, users can set whether the website is searched by Google. If you want to confirm that Google can retrieve WordPress site information, you can follow the steps in Settings→Reading. Next, do not authorize Google to retrieve your WordPress site, and do not check “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”. This means that there will be many changes in the process of creating a website, and if each change is retrieved by Google, a lot of useless information will appear.

siteground wordpress, wordpress siteground建站, search engine visibility

Setting up website title and tags for WordPress website Follow the steps of Settings → General to set the site title (Site Title) and site tag (Tagline).

Perhaps the title and tags of the wordpress website will appear in different places on the website. Some wordpress themes will appear on the homepage and the SEO description section, and Google will use the SEO description section to include your website in the search results.

The tags part of the WordPress website is optional. If the website does not have any tags, you can also leave it blank without setting.

Authorize or turn off the comment function of WordPress website

Regardless of whether it is authorizing or disabling other users’ comments, you can do it through Settings → Discussion.

wordpress siteground, siteground wordpress, comment enabling

WordPress site closed broadcast and citation notification function

After several updates of WordPress, it still retains the function of broadcasting and quoting notifications. In fact, to create a new website, users do not need to check the broadcast and reference notification functions. As shown in the figure below, and enter the settings page according to Settings → Discussion.

Step 7: WordPress website theme for WordPress website

The appearance design of the WordPress website can be switched, and the switching of the appearance design is achieved by switching the website theme. This means that you can switch the appearance of the website with one click in the background of the WordPress website.

For example, the following picture shows the default appearance of the WordPress website after installing:

SiteGround建站, WordPress建站, 在SiteGround上搭建WordPress网站, SiteGround教程, 默认主题

Install WordPess theme for WordPress site,Click and select Appearance → Themes from the control panel in the backend of the WordPress website, and then click “Add New” to add a new theme.

SiteGround建站, WordPress建站, 在SiteGround上搭建WordPress网站, SiteGround教程, 添加新主题

Step 8: Use plug-ins to expand website functions when building WordPress

If you want to create a website by yourself, you can also use plug-ins to add certain functions to the website without knowing any code knowledge. E.g:

Rank Math This is an SEO plug-in for website launch and website optimization. For specific usage, please refer to our Rank Math tutorial.

Google Analytics for WordPress-This is a plug-in that integrates website and traffic analysis.

Wordfence Security-This is a plug-in that enhances website security. UpdraftPlus-This is a plug-in to backup websites, you can take a look at the Updraft website backup tutorial.

Optimole -This is a plug-in for optimizing pictures.

WPForms-This is a form plug-in that can be made into a contact form, and users can leave a message directly to you. This is much better than marking the email directly on the website.

Step 9: Create a page for WordPress website

WordPress建站, SiteGround建站, SiteGround教程, 在SiteGround上搭建WordPress网站, 编辑区域
  • (1) Here you can enter the page title.
  • (2) This is the main part of the webpage, which contains the main content of the webpage. This interface is similar to that of a Word document. It also contains some of the most basic text formats (such as bold, align left and right, add hyperlinks, quotes, etc.).
  • (3) Click this button to add pictures.
  • (4) Switch between Text (text) and Visual (visual) editors. The Text editor is generally used to add some code (for example, adding Google Adsense ads to the website or affiliate marketing product links).
  • (5) This is the publish area, you can see the publish button Publish.
  • (6) Discussion-This is mainly for the webmaster to decide whether to comment on the page or article. The “trackbacks” and “pingbacks” below can be left blank.
  • (7) Featured image. Most WordPress themes will display this image as the main image on the page.

After editing the page, click “Publish” to publish the page. Generally speaking, a website has the following basic page composition:

  • About page-Just type about directly in the title of the page in English. The about page is a relatively important page in a website, which can show some information about the website and the company to visitors who browse the website. Generally speaking, all websites will contain about pages.
  • Contact page-This page can display contact information and install a contact list plug-in, such as contact form 7. This way customers can contact you at any time.
  • Privacy page-This page is similar to a non-disclosure agreement and is also very important.
  • Portfolio page-This page generally displays past works, pictures and other content.
  • Store page-This is the store page. If you want to sell goods online, you will generally use this page. If you want to create an online store, you will generally use the WooCommerce plugin. You can take a look at our WooCommerce online store building tutorial.