How to start the ASUS motherboard with USB disk, and reinstall the system on the computer.

1. First install the system (win 10 or win 7) in the U disk, and plug in the U disk. When you turn on the computer and enter the first interface, press the [DEL] key immediately.

ASUS boot up

2. After entering, press F8 to enter the [boot menu] selection interface, and then select [U Disk] as the priority startup item, and press [Enter] to confirm. After confirmation, the computer will automatically restart.

ASUS boot

The motherboard is one of the most basic and important parts of a microcomputer, and it can be divided into two types: commercial motherboards and industrial motherboards.

It is generally a rectangular circuit board on which is installed the main circuit system that composes the computer. Generally, there are BIOS chips, I/O control chips, key and panel control switch interfaces, indicator plugs, expansion slots, motherboards and DC cards. Components such as power supply connectors. A series of joints can be provided for the joints of processors, graphics cards, sound effects cards, hard disks, storage, and external devices.

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