What graphics card does ASUS h61plus support?

What graphics card does ASUS h61plus support? Recently, many friends asked about the relevant parameters of the ASUS h61plus motherboard and which graphics cards the ASUS h61plus motherboard supports. This motherboard has a good price/performance ratio and performance. Let’s take a look at the graphics card models supported by the ASUS h61plus!

1. ASUS H61-PLUS motherboard supports second- and third-generation intel processors. The zhiCPU is Celeron and Pentium grade. You can consider matching R7250, HD7770, and GT740 graphics cards.

2. The CPU is i3 3240 grade, which can be air-filtered = consider GTX750, GTX750ti, R7 260X graphics cards.

3. CPU is i5 3570 or i7 3770, E3-1230V2 grade, graphics card can consider GTX960, GTX970 graphics card.

4. A good graphics card needs a more powerful CPU to drive it. If the CPU is relatively weak and the graphics card is equipped with a high-end graphics card, it does not make much sense. The CPU is working at full capacity and the graphics card performance is still idle. It does not mean that it cannot be matched like this. It’s a waste!

So the above is the whole content of what graphics cards ASUS h61plus supports, I hope it will be helpful to you!

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