3050 vs. 1650ti how to compare 3050 vs. 1650ti

3050 graphics card and 1650 are performance graphics cards that many friends pay attention to, so what is the difference between these two graphics cards? Hurry up and take a look

The 3050 graphics card and 1650 are the performance graphics cards that many friends pay attention to. The performance configuration of the RTX3060 is also very good. There are no problems with the daily mainstream game software. It is worthy of friends to take advantage of the fact that there is no price increase. The evaluation comparison of the graphics card and the 1650 graphics card.

Comparison of 3050 graphics card and 1650

1. Parameter table

3050 graphics card and 1650

How about 2.3050 graphics card performance


The 3050 series graphics cards were first used on the mobile terminal. The mobile terminal running scores of the two graphics cards also have test parameters. The 3050ti is about 15% higher than the 3050 in performance, and the 3050 running scores are almost the same as the desktop-level 1650s. That is to say, the desktop level of the 3050 series graphics card is at least higher than the performance of the 1650s. According to the performance comparison of the 30 series graphics cards, such performance can be regarded as a satisfactory entry level.


The parameters of the mobile terminal are also exposed. 4G GDDR6 video memory will save the 3050 series graphics cards from the black hands of the mining tide. At present, the execution files of virtual currency lock mining such as Ethereum are getting larger and larger, and 4G video memory is obviously not enough. NS. If the desktop level adopts the same specifications, then this series must be a “poverty alleviation project” graphics card that players are waiting for. With 2048 stream processors starting parameters, it is completely stress-free to deal with mainstream games in the market.

3.1650 graphics performance

In terms of frequency, the GTX 1650 has a base frequency of 1485MHz and an acceleration frequency of 1665MHz. However, this is not a standard that can be compared with the previous generation GTX 1050/1050 Ti because of the different architecture.

In terms of video memory, it is still 4G GDDR5 video memory, with a memory frequency of 8000MHz, a video memory bit width of 128bit, and a video memory bandwidth of 128GB/s.

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